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Information plays a great role in improving education, bringing better development,developing science and technology and advancing knowledge. When information resources gathered, organized and used properly it can be a great weapon to solve the problems of a society. For these reason Archives, Libraries and documentation centers play very vital role to get well organized and enriched information.

Based on these facts Ethiopian National Archives and Library Agency is working as the national information center and executing its responsibilities by collecting, systematically organize reserve and make the information resources of the country available for study and researcher purposes and pass them to the next generation.It is also serving as a repository center for publications of international and national organizations as well as research institutions.

Brief History of the Agency

The Ethiopian National Archives and Library Agency is  established in 1944 with the name "wemezekir"   as a public Library. It first inaugurated by his Majesty Imperial Haile Selassie I in the year of 1944 and started giving service with the books donated by the king.

The Ethiopian National Archives and Library Agency reestablished in 1999 by proclamation No. 179/1999 as a national institution by the name Ethiopian National Archives and Library Agency.  

Having made a number of structural changes in its old age history, the agency has been delivering lots of services particularly to the researchers, scholars, academicians, writers, higher education students and the public at large. 


To be one from five leading National Archives and library Agencies in African  in 2020 where information resources of the country are systematically organized and the culture of utilizing information is developed in building democracy and development.

Mission: -

Acquire, organize, and preserve Information Resources and create a National Information system to avail the resources for study and research purposes to make the public beneficiary.


 Effective and efficient Services Delivery

Transparent and participatory leadership

Respect professional ethics

Readiness for change.

Powers and Duties of the Agency Among Others:-   

 Operate as a national repository centre of printed matter, gray literature, non printed documents, manuscripts, historical archives and records etc.
-Make efforts to bring to the country the original or copy of literary documents which were taken out of the country.
- Prepare publish and distribute the Ethiopian National Bibliography and periodicals index.
- Serve as a national registry centre of ISBN.
- Function as a training centre to achieve its objectives.
- Work closely with national and international organizations to develop and promote professions pertaining to archives and library affairs.
- Serve as a repository centre for publication of international and national organizations as well as research institutions.
- Work in collaboration with state archives and libraries as well as public libraries established or to be established in regional administration.
- Ensure the proper handling and safety of records in provenance.
- Nationalize archives which have national importance and which are in possession of individuals upon payment of compensation whenever they are exposed to man or natural disasters.
- Ensure that original archives and documentary heritage of the country are not taken abroad on a permanent basis; inspect copies and permit for their being taken out of the country.
- By concluding agreements with religious institutions and private persons, collect priceless and rare ancient manuscripts when this is not possible and make them available for study and research purposes. 















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