Records Management Directorate Records Management Directorate

Directorat's Name፡

Records Management Directorate/ National Records Management Service Directorate

National Records Management Service Directorate Teams፡-

  1. Records Management Development and Implementation Team 
  2. Records Center Team
  3. Records Collection Team

Main activities of the Directorate:-

  • By Conducting survey research and based on that by adopting best practices and international standards ; introducing  legal frameworks such as records management policies , manuals etc.;
  • By conducting consulting services ; follow up and evaluation activities of record systems in public organizations;
  • By changing the existing miss conception and awareness problems in all sections of the society through various channels, the directorate will work to introduce and implement a modern records management system which manages records throughout their life cycle.
  • The directorate will also work to assist public organizations in the appraisal of back log of inactive records and help to transfer those records with archival value to the archival institution and to dispose-off the others as per the regulation and the procedure manual.
  • The directorate will also work to introduce cost-effective records management by establishing a record center to provide low-cost storage services for semi-active public records.